The perfect leather portfolios to have everything you need at your fingertips. Reduce the size but not the space and the quality! Our leather document cases are made with the highest quality Italian leather.

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The Tuscany Leather Business collection is ideal for those who work from home or move from one meeting to another. Keep your documents tidy in style thanks to the line of Tuscan leather portfolios. They are available in different models to meet any type of need.

Some are equipped with a handle to ensure ease of transport, others have a zip or magnetic button closure. All of our portfolios have pockets and slots specially designed for important documents, credit cards, business cards and more.

Functional and refined, these accessories are real must-haves for the office, designed to keep your papers always in order but with style

You will also be interested in leather briefcases or a laptop bag where you can store your new leather portfolio!


Document holders with zip are elegant and above all practical. They are equipped with multiple compartments in which to store all the essentials for the office. Notepad, pens, mobile phone, charger, calculator will all be perfectly stored inside the zipped document holders. In our articles we use double sliding zip of the well-known Japanese brand YKK, world leader in the sector.


The leather portfolio with handles was created to facilitate the transport of this essential accessory in everyday life. In this way, you can use it both as a bag and as a classic document holder.

Generally, on the front, they have a large external zip pocket. This allows you to always have the items you use most often at hand.

The leather document holders with handles are a great classic for the office. Great for the most dynamic professionals looking for a minimal and versatile accessory to always have with them.

Portfolios WITH RINGS

With our elegant a4 leather briefcases you can take notes using them as a notepad holder, or to keep your business documents. Some models also have the rings as a binder, so you can easily insert and browse your notes. In addition, each document holder with rings is equipped with numerous internal pockets and several compartments. So you can take with you in complete safety and order:

  • Papers
  • Business cards
  • Perforated pages for taking notes
  • Folders for documents
  • Quills
  • Books
  • Mobile phone and much more

Thanks to these perfect organizers you can better organize your days. You can say goodbye to stress and papers scattered around the desk!

The Tuscany Leather document case in genuine Italian leather always makes a great impression on colleagues! During a meeting, your new refined and well-organized accessory will not go unnoticed. You will have all your notes, documents, papers, tablets and pens always at hand and in style.


This accessory manages to combine elegance with functionality! It has also been designed to accompany you every day in the hectic office life!
Leather is the best material in terms of resistance. In fact, he won't fail you miserably during an important presentation or conference. Indeed it will accompany you for a long time! Particularly if you are going to take care of your skin.

It is not complicated to clean and hydrate your bag. It takes a maximum of 5 minutes, just follow these simple steps:

  • Dust the surface of the briefcase
  • Apply a dab of leather cream to a clean cloth and massage the leather
  • Wait 15 minutes until completely absorbed
  • Rub vigorously with a clean cotton cloth to polish the leather and revive the color
  • Repeat the steps once a month


An essential accessory for any true professional, briefcases allow us to organize and always have everything needed for meetings, conferences or important business appointments at hand. The best document holders are compact and elegant, they have many internal pockets where you can also store tablets or smartphones. Usually it has a notepad holder or rings for perforated sheets, to easily take notes and always have them with you without fear of losing them.


We have designed the interiors of each leather portfolio case down to the smallest detail. After many years of study and testing we have found the perfect subdivision for the interior spaces dedicated to your objects. Inside there are:

  • Pen pockets
  • Credit card or business card pockets
  • Pockets to hold tablet or mobile phone
  • Notepad holder
  • Numerous other compartments for personal documents or a calculator.

You will find the perfect place for each object!


The choice of material is very subjective and depends on the style and image that everyone wants to have. The leather document holder is undoubtedly the most elegant and refined, the one that best expresses professionalism and trust. Leather is the material par excellence when it comes to resistance and durability over time. In fact, real leather changes over time but does not age, it is professional and never out of fashion. In addition, the leather is customizable, so it gives you the opportunity to make your men's or women's document case unique in the world, by engraving initials, a logo or a name.

Particular attention to sustainability

All our leather portfolios are made of genuine Italian leather, using high quality materials that meet the strictest guidelines for sustainability. In fact, not everyone knows that the product made by the tanning industry is a by-product of the meat industry. For this reason, the art of tanning is considered one of the first examples of circular economy in human history.

During the leather tanning phases, we only use low-impact materials, such as vegetable tannins. The result is a product that over the years enhances its characteristics.

The type of leather we use for our portfolios is full grain leather.

The full grain vegetable tanned and hand buffered leather reveals the natural characteristics of the leather surface. Therefore it is the finest leather on the market. The coloring is done by hand buffering, which gives the material different shades of color. Each finished product is one of a kind.


In Tuscany Leather we were the first to use laser technology to engrave on leather. In this way we can personalize your women's or men's wallet, creating engravings such as initials, names, aphorisms or even images. Make your new workmate unique! A sign that always distinguishes you.

Discover the traditional doctor bag in genuine Tuscan Leather!