This is why every man should have a leather shoulder bag

Once, the men's leather bag was used only for the world of work, today this practical accessory is used daily in the city, in leisure time or for travel. In fact, men also need to carry their cell phone, wallet, keys, handkerchiefs, diary and more. For all these items, pants pockets are not enough, and this is where the shoulder bag for men comes into play!

Men's bags are not only functional, they have become a very trendy accessory. Every men's wardrobe should have at least one.

Tuscany Leather offers you a rich selection of men's bags, suitable for every style and preference. Choose the model that suits you best and that responds in a functional way to your practical and style needs.

Discover the perfect mens leather shoulder bags for you

To choose the perfect mens leather shoulder bags, you first need to understand in which context you will use it. For example, a bag that is comfortable, both for going to work and for traveling and that also has a practical shoulder strap to be carried without hindrance. Or a men's shoulder bag that is elegant to wear in more formal settings. In fact, it is equally important to combine the bag with your outfits, whether they are sporty, casual or more elegant.

Different styles of leather bags for men

There are several models of men's bags, here are a few:

  • Men's shoulder bag: it goes well with all clothes and any occasion, both formal and informal. It generally has a small-medium size and an adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Crossover bags: they are perfect for the most dynamic and sporty people, in fact they are very practical and comfortable. They are a great middle ground between a backpack and a cross body!
  • Fanny pack: discreet and not bulky, they are excellent for those who are used to carrying only the bare minimum. They are particularly comfortable for those who can't stand having bulk on their shoulders.
  • The clutch: yes, you got it right! We are talking about a men's handbag. This accessory has the same portability as the female version. It is used for elegant events or in any case with a sophisticated outfit.
  • The leather messenger bag: the typical post bag with a large front flap that makes it casual and perfect for leisure time or for studying. In fact, we produce it in different sizes, from the smallest similar to the men's shoulder bag, to the largest that allows you to carry several books with you.


The shoulder bag for men is made in different sizes, shapes and materials. You can find bags with a rigid structure, more elegant and professional. Or bags in soft leather with many pockets to organize the contents and perfect for a more casual style.

To choose the perfect men's bag you must also take into account how you can combine it to make the most of it!

To have an excellent result, in step with the times, you have to combine this accessory with the style and shades of color you wear most often. For example, if you often wear soft colors or shades of blue, a leather-colored shoulder bag will be the best choice. If, on the other hand, you love bolder colors, wear a black or honey-colored bag, it will give you a sophisticated and refined touch.


Men's bags are made of different materials such as canvas, fabric, denim, nylon and finally leather. The finest are certainly made of genuine leather, as well as being the most versatile.

Choosing a men's leather handbag means being able to count on a very resistant accessory. This model of men's bag is easily combined with different styles from the most casual to the most formal. In addition, the men's leather shoulder strap is not afraid of everyday use, on the contrary it acquires more and more character with each use.


There is another element to take into consideration to perfectly match your new shoulder bag for men: the type of leather.

On our site, we have many models of men's bags in different materials.

Genuine full-grain vegetable-tanned and hand-buffered leather

It is distinguished by its appearance that reveals the natural characteristics of the leather surface. It has an incredibly natural look. The coloring takes place through the hand dabbing method, which gives the material color shades that differ from product to product.The shoulder bags for men in full grain leather are considered the most elegant and timeless. The excellent quality of the leather can make any outfit sophisticated. It is also perfect to wear with a jacket and tie to your business meeting or a very elegant event.

Hammered leather

This kind of leather is chrome tanned and colored on the surface. Its appearance is characteristic because it has an irregular grain derived from a process called "drumming".Compared to full grain leather, grained leather is a bit sportier. It goes well with more casual outfits and is also less delicate.


The genuine leather men's bag can be useful for storing many everyday objects. Our men's bags are full of compartments and internal pockets closed with ZIP. The men's bag in this way is used to contain many objects such as:

  • a mens leather wallet
  • the house and car keys
  • the mobile phone and its accessories
  • a bottle of water
  • the largest can also contain a tablet
  • a packet of handkerchiefs
  • eyeglasses and sunglasses
  • a pen and a notepad

Customize your leather men's bag

Tuscany Leather was the first Tuscan leather goods company to use laser technology to engrave leather. So you can personalize your men's shoulder bags, creating engravings such as initials, names, aphorisms or even images and logos.

In this way it is possible to make your new men's shoulder bag unique. What better gift than a personalized leather bag? Trust our experience and ask our personal shoppers for advice who will guide you in your purchases.


Our men's line is not limited only to leather bags, but also covers a wide range of leather items. In the world of Tuscany Leather there are also sophisticated leather wallets, men's leather backpacks, traditional leather travel bags and also many office accessories. We are also famous for making business items, such as our leather briefcases and doctor's bags.