Italian leather travel bag for your trips 

Today, duffle bags, suitcases and trolleys are made in many different materials, colors and textures.
However, none of them will be able to overcome the timeless charm of the leather luggage. Every little scratch tells a story of the countless journeys your leather weekender has accompanied you on. In fact, your leather travel bag literally lives with you every experience and every sign of the time will give it even more character.

Extremely resistant, its strong style adapts to the most varied occasions as well as being perfect for any means of transport. It has a large capacity, suitable for weekends or short stays out of town.

How to choose your leather weekend bag

In general, the leather duffle bag is not a status symbol, but an accessory that represents the personality and style of its owner. Nowadays, when you buy a travel bag, you need to start with the evaluation of the size, especially if you are traveling by plane.
In this case, your leather luggage should be compact in size that allows it to be placed inside the cabin without problems. It is always useful to check the dimensions and weight allowed by the various airlines before proceeding with the purchase.
For those who travel often for work or for a weekend out of town, duffle bags are ideal as they allow you to put everything you need inside and keep it tidy thanks to the many external and internal pockets.

If everyday clothing obliges us to certain color standards, we can finally indulge ourselves with leather travel bags. In fact, it is important that your travel bag is perfectly in line with your true style. If you have a classic, casual but refined style, brown will be perfect for your outfits. For those who have a sophisticated style, even on the go, black is a certainty. For free spirits, red or honey are the bolder choice.

Why choose a leather weekender bag?

A leather weekender is the best solution for those looking for quality and durability of the material. In the Tuscany Leather luggage, vegetable tanned calfskin is used which guarantees resistance and durability.
The interiors, on the other hand, are in a cotton-based fabric, precisely because it is the material that comes into contact with our clothes and must avoid all types of contamination and allergies. The finishes are refined in detail, as every single piece is produced and sewn by hand.
To ensure all-round comfort, the right bag for your journeys has a leather adjustable shoulder strap. In this way the weight will be distributed along the entire shoulder. In our weekender bag the shoulder straps are both adjustable and detachable.

Leather duffle bags: our Made in Italy

Most of the time the leather duffel bag is the ideal bag to use as a carry-on. Thanks to its soft structure it can be filled and squashed to fit all airline baggage restrictions. Unfortunately it is not the best choice if you need your clothes to arrive crease free. Anyway if you want a bag where you can always squeeze in something else, all the last minutes souvenirs for example, you need a duffel.

The quality of materials

A leather luggage is the best solution for those looking for quality and durability of the material. In our bags, the leather used is a vegetable tanned calfskin that has extreme quality and durability characteristics. For our interiors, on the other hand, a cotton-based fabric is used, precisely because it is the material that comes into contact with our clothes and must avoid all types of contamination and allergies.

Travel bags in leather not only in brown

Tuscany Leather offers not only brown weekenders. To enhance the sobriety we offer travel bags in black leather, otherwise, to get out of the ordinary, our leather bags also become red or honey.

Discover all our creations

Our creations are not limited only to travel bags, but also cover the entire long tradition of Tuscan leather goods. In the world of Tuscany Leather there are also wonderful leather handbags, the brand new leather backpacks, traditional leather business bags and also many leather office accessories. We are also famous for making business items, such as our leather doctor bags and elegant leather briefcases.

And for those looking for an extra touch of exclusivity?

In Tuscany Leather we were the first to adopt laser technology to engrave into leather. In this way it is possible to customize each of our mens leather travel bag or leather bags, creating engravings such as initials, names, aphorisms or even images. In this way you can make your travel bag unique. What better gift than a customized travel bag? Trust our long experience and ask our personal shoppers who will guide you in your purchases.

Your purchase is always a guarantee

In Tuscany Leather we are sure not to disappoint the expectations of our customers. We have the best ratings from our customers (TrustPilot rating of 4.9 / 5.0) thanks to an impeccable order management service that allows us to ship up to 800 orders in one day. In addition to this, we have an excellent after-sales service both during the warranty period and after, because we believe that a Tuscany Leather medical shoulder bag can and should last a lifetime.