WOMEN'S italian LEATHER handbags

It doesn't matter what time of the year it is: it's always a great time to buy a new bag. Choosing the right women's bags is a fundamental step. It's not just about choosing an accessory, but finding a faithful companion that will be by our side every day.

 Women’s handbags contain everything you need to face even the most difficult days. For this reason it’s important to find the very right one for you.

On Tuscany Leather website you will find a wide selection of italian handbags for every occasion: whether you’re meeting your friends for lunch or going to the most elegant events, there is nothing more stylish than an italian fashion bag. Find out below how to choose the right bag for you!

Choose the perfect bag for you!

Bags for women are made in different sizes and shapes, from the most classic to the most modern and geometric shape. Size plays a very important role in the choice of a new bag:

  • large handbags are able to hold everything a woman needs during the day;
  • small leather bag are the most fashionable par excellence, they also adapt to the most refined and sophisticated looks and are perfect for evening dates.

The selection of soft leather handbags by Tuscany Leather offers you a wide range of styles that will satisfy all tastes. You can choose a classic italian high quality bag and play with colors to soften the more rigid shapes and the classic design. Otherwise you can indulge yourself with mini bag, as they take up little space!


Tuscany Leather offers you a wide range of styles capable of satisfying all tastes. In fact, we design them with the aim of highlighting and bringing out the personality and look of each one.

These models have been designed to be carried by hand, but to make them even more practical and manageable, we have created variants that have adjustable handles and detachable shoulder straps.

You can choose the classic leather model and play with colors to play down the more rigid shapes or the more classic design. you can indulge yourself with mini handbags, so much little space!

Which leather color suits you best?

Tuscany Leather handmade bags collection embraces all shades of femininity. The most romantic women will prefer the more sinuous shapes of soft leather and delicate pastel shades.

Business-women will opt for a more minimal style, with geometric shapes and classic colors such as black, blue or skin color. The most daring focus on the red color. The most creative and optimistic, will go for bright and strong colors such as yellow, orange and fuchsia! 


A leather bag, handcrafted according to the ancient tradition of Tuscan tanning, can be the element that makes the difference in all your outfits! It is elegant, sophisticate and is able to enhance even the simplest dress.

Since it will be the most important accessory in your daily outfits, you will need to pay particular attention to choose the right one.

When will you use it the most, day or night? At work or for leisure? What is the one that best suits your style? Here are some tips that will help you make the most appropriate choice.


During the day you always juggle a thousand commitments, and it is normal that the bag should first of all be a practical accessory, which gives you the right freedom of movement. For this reason, we recommend women's bags with slightly wider handles or with detachable shoulder straps.

In the evening, however, you should bring only the essentials with you, so it's the right time to show off the most beautiful and fancy handbags you have in your wardrobe. Carried gently between the fingers, they instantly give a touch of great class to your evening outfit.


Each woman has a bag model that she prefers, based on practicality, size and portability. Check out the most popular ones below!

  • The handbags with a handle in different finishes and materials, are perfect to wear both for an aperitif or a dinner, or in your free time with friends. In fact, its light and elegant lines are perfectly combined with a minimal or refined style.
  • Large handbags are perfect for busy days. They have large spaces and many internal pockets where you can order all your personal items including the women's leather wallet. Some are also suitable for holding a small PC, tablet or document holder.
  • If you have always avoided buying handbags for fear of always having to carry them the same way, Tuscany Leather has thought of you! Almost all of our women's bags, from the smallest to the largest, become women's shoulder bags thanks to the detachable shoulder strap! This way you will have two accessories in one!

Discover the stylish leather bucket bags

This quirky elegant bag style is a cult favorite. Since bucket bags are a fashion must have again, all brand have redesigned their look. Now this style has soft shapes and it is stripped-down statement piece, minimal. 

For this reason the bucket bag is perfect on any outfits and in every season. It doesn't matter if it's cold or warm, sunny or rainy, it's always a great time to wear this stylish handbag. You will love its versatility. There is really no wrong way to wear a bucket bag. 

Bucket bags come in different sizes, the preferred ones are from mini to medium-sized. The inside of most bucket bags is, like a tote, one roomy interior space. 

Tuscany Leather has a keen eye on the practicality of its bags. For this reason all our bags have at least a zippered inside pocket, which is crucial for holding smaller essentials like your keys or documents.

CLUTCH BAGS: a leap into the 20s fashion

Essentially the clutch bag is a flat, small handbag, without handles or straps. It was created to be small and handy. As the name suggests it should be clutched in one hand. However there are larger styles, with a handle or detachable straps. 

This type of bag was invented in the roaring 20s. It was used by all women who needed a neutral bag to combine with their glamorous outfits. 

The best way to choose your new clutch bag is depending on the occasion. For example, if you plan to wear it during the day, it will need to be large enough to fit all of your belongings. However, if you need it for evening purposes or special events, such as weddings, you can pick a bag that might be gorgeous and less practical. 

Carrying a leather clutch purse is the perfect option for those who prefer a minimalist fashion.  Clutches are lighter and easy to hold.

Now, you can find the perfect clutch bag for you in many different styles and sizes to suit all occasions.


Our bags are designed and made entirely in Italy. The design of one of our bags is the result of the very long Italian tradition in the fashion industry. 

Furthermore in Tuscany Leather we strongly believe that our customer is also our best stylist!

For this reason, every time we deliver the orders to our customers, we always ask, what improvements they would bring.


Tuscany Leather, as already mentioned, offers a wide range of women's bags that differ not only for the model or shape but also for the type of leather used. For our bags we always use high quality cowhide, which we work in a sustainable way to take the textures you love most.

  • Hammered leather: it is a high quality cowhide leather with rectified grain, it has an irregular texture and the leather remains very soft to the touch. Its classicism makes it one of the most famous and loved texture leather in the world. For this reason, we offer a huge selection of hammered leather purses.
  • Vegetable-tanned and hand-buffered leather: it is a kind of leather that gives a classic style to bags. It does not age but acquires character by using it. It comes from calfskin and is handcrafted by professional artisans. It is mainly used for travel bags, business bags or wallets.
  • Smooth leather: it is a refined calf leather that stands out for its elegance. Thin, bright, delicate and smooth are its main characteristics. It is a semi-finished leather, with an unmistakable grain.
  • Saffiano: it is a printed and pigmented calfskin. The leather is worked with an original and easily recognizable print that can also be described with the term "scratched".


The interiors of our handbag leather are made of polyester fabric, very resistant to dirt and which gives elegance even to the less visible part of the bag. The interiors are also full of internal pockets, often closed with a zip. We also design the interiors of our bags with commonly used compartments for easy access to items of frequent use, such as smartphones.

Everything’s in its place and accessible at the same time!

Take care of your new italian bag

Gorgeous and durable, leather handbags can last for decades when cared for properly. From cleaning and conditioning the leather to storing the handbag in the right way, there's a lot you can do to preserve their beauty.

Tuscany Leather has created a line of leather care products that are simple and quick to use.

To keep the leather of your bag hydrated and clean, apply a nourishing and gentle cream for leather once a month. To do this optimally, follow these steps:

  • Dust off the product
  • Apply a dab of cream on a clean cotton cloth and massage the leather
  • Wait 15 minutes until the cream is completely absorbed
  • Rub vigorously with a clean cotton cloth to polish the leather and revive the color

You should repeat this few simple steps once a month. You can do this routine with any nourishing cream for leather items.